We Have The Best Supplies For Your Needs.

Clean World offers a wide range of products to its clients. These include various parts and equipment for mechanical/electromechanical, automation, instrumentation and controls, IT and audio/video equipment, supply of laboratory/scientific equipment, environmental monitoring system such as flood control sensors, weather stations, solar panels, medical and dental equipment, industrial and agricultural equipments as well as marine products.

Clean World meets the country’s established standards for quality and distribution. Due to this system, the company has recorded high customer ratings and has a reputation for quality and credibility, reliable delivery, and great customer service.

Who We Are

We understand our clients and commits to satisfying their business needs. Every employee knows and takes to heart the company’s vision for market requirements and significant customer traction, leading to better services and reliability. 

What We Do

We offer a wide range of products such as parts and equipment for mechanical/ electromechanical, automation, instrumentation and controls, IT and audio/video, laboratory/scientific, environmental monitoring, medical and dental, industrial and agricultural as well as marine products. 

Who We Serve

We serve clients such as but not limited to public and private colleges and universities, various government agencies, manufacturing companies, power distribution companies, and power plants in the Philippines.