About Us

We Go Beyond Just Procurement. We Serve.

Clean World is a premier sourcing agent, importer, and distributor of innovative products to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and end-users. We specialize in quick-delivery without compromising product quality. We are one of the biggest independent distributors in the Philippines. The Department of Budget and Management Procurement Service has authorized Clean World as a supplier to all government agencies and offices. We subscribe to the country’s established standards for quality and distribution. Due to these quality industry standards, the company has recorded high customer ratings and has an established reputation for quality and credibility.

Founded in 2003, Clean World has been supplying large and small Philippine based companies. We offer a wide range of products to our clients such as various parts and equipment for mechanical/electromechanical, automation, instrumentation and controls, IT and audio/video equipment, supply of laboratory/scientific equipment, environmental monitoring system such as flood control sensors, weather stations, solar panels, medical and dental equipment, industrial and agricultural equipments as well as marine products. Clean World is the authorized distributor of products from corporations like Senix, Streamlight, Onset, JDC Instruments, NU Cans, Hyquest Solutions, Sommer, E2S and Comtel.

Our people are committed to satisfying every client’s business needs. We have instilled in them our vision for market requirements and significant customer traction. Our prominent executives and experienced personnel bring impressive records of success. With Clean World you can count on a vast array of supplies for your product needs, reliable delivery and product quality, and great customer service.

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